Violet S.

Condition: Bilateral Retinoblastoma
City, State: Seattle, WA
Club: Samantha Smith Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1319
Date Adopted: 10/14/2011

Violet's Story:
After trying to conceive a child for over 4 years, Joshua and Shenay Spataro were overjoyed with the news of being pregnant with their first baby. Violet was born on December 6th, 2010, an answer to many prayers and a blessing to the family and friends eagerly awaiting her arrival. Violet seemed to be in perfect health, happy as can be and a wonderful baby. At all of her routine well checks nothing out of the ordinary was seen. It was not until her parents noticed a slight tracking issue with her left eye (that others did not see or dismissed as a new baby’s eyes learning to focus) and pushed to have a specialist examine her, that Violet was diagnosed at 7 months old with Retinoblastoma, a rare form of pediatric cancer. Violet is being treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital and has just completed 6 months of chemotherapy treatments along with weekly blood tests, clinic appointments and monthly exams under anesthesia. She is now being monitored with exams under anesthesia every 8 weeks. Violet has developed tumors in both eyes since her original diagnosis, which has changed her official diagnosis to Bilateral Retinoblastoma. Violet is vulnerable to recurrence of this cancer developing in her eyes until the age of 6 years. After further genetic testing, it has also been found that Violet has the Retinoblastoma gene, which makes her more susceptible to malignant tumors developing in other parts of her body. Additionally, an even more rare deletion in her chromosome 13 was found and only time will tell if this will affect her mental and physical development. At this point, Violet is reaching all of her milestones! Through all of this, Violet has remained a very happy little girl who has amazed us all with her bravery, strength and tolerance. The hospital staff is astounded by how well she has handled all aspects of her treatment and continuously praises her. Violet loves to sing and dance to music, play her piano and play with her little dog named Pixie. She also loves books and has a favorite dolly named Lola that she brings with her everywhere.


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