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Meet Harli-Ann

Read Harli-Ann's Story

Harli-Ann is a sweet little baby girl who will be a year old in March 2023. Her medical issues started as soon as she was born.

Harli wasn’t feeding properly and initially had to be fed by syringe. Her facial muscles weren’t working properly which affected her being able to swallow.

Testing began and she initially had a tube placed thru her nose to get nutrition into her stomach.

After Harli’s mom and dad brought her home from the hospital there were many follow-up trips to Portland for additional tests.

Harli doesn’t have an official diagnosis yet, but doctors know that she has a genetic defect that is causing multiple medical issues.

At the end of December, Harli had surgery to place a G-tube in her stomach so she can get nutrition that way.

Harli will be getting glasses soon because both of her eyes do not track correctly.

Since birth, Harli has never met any of the regular milestones as she has grown. She has breathing issues, a possible nasal blockage, and an upcoming appointment at Doernbecher will focus on her lungs.

Harli goes to physical therapy regularly.

She is a happy baby. She loves to snuggle and giggle. She is a Daddy’s girl and has started to say, “Dadda”. Harli is now playing more with her toys and loves music.

Harli will be adopted as a Sparrow to Miller Elementary School. Miller students will work hard to raise money for Harli through sponsored community service.