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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
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Meet Theo

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Theo is a talkative and energetic five-year-old who loves to be outside, climb trees, and play battle with sticks! He is crazy about Star Wars, baseball, and Ninja turtles.

In May of 2022, everything changed. Theo had been tired and cold for a month and experienced a loss of appetite. He just wasn’t himself. His parents decided to take him to Randall Children’s Hospital.

His initial blood tests showed that it was what his parents had feared, cancer. Doctors gave it a 90% chance of being leukemia and admitted Theo to the hospital. It took seven days of tests to diagnose him as there were no cancer cells found in his blood. It took a bone marrow biopsy to finally confirm the presence of cancer cells.

Theo was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. His chemotherapy treatment started immediately.

After eight treatments of chemo, doctors gave the good news that the treatment was working – no cancer cells were found! After 28 days Theo was officially declared in remission.

Though he is in remission, treatment will continue for 2 1/2 years to prevent the cancer cells from coming back. His current treatment phase includes six-weekend hospital admissions for chemotherapy as well as spinal chemotherapy infusions.

So far, the side effects from chemo have been mild, compared to what they could have been, but Theo’s fight isn’t over. He will continue to fight to be sure the cancer does not return. He misses his friends and cousins very much and can’t wait to beat this cancer and get back to all of them!

Even after everything he has gone through, Theo continues to be a happy and fun-loving little boy. Doctors will monitor his progress carefully and he needs everyone’s love and support.

Theo will be adopted as a Sparrow to ¬¬¬¬Tigard High School. Students will work hard to raise money for Theo through sponsored community service.