Students, Parents, & Schools

Learn About Your Sparrow

If a Sparrow Club has been launched at your school, find your Sparrow and learn more about his/her story. Remember, your support matters! Knowing this will inspire and encourage you as you serve others in your community to unlock the sponsored funds for your Sparrow.

Friends, Mya and Ellie
School assembly in gym. Students are cheering around check sparrow child is receiving for treatment and care.

Start a Sparrow Club

If your school is not currently participating in the Sparrow Clubs Program but is interested in doing so, please contact us to learn more about what is required to start and maintain a Sparrow Clubs Project.

Service Ideas

Community service is the “currency” of the Sparrow Clubs Program because everyone – no matter who they are, what they have, or where they live – can make the choice to be kind and serve others. With Sparrow Clubs, servicer to others turns into real money for kids in medical need and their families! Below are examples of the kinds of service students often do on behalf of their Sparrows:

  • Pick up trash at a local park.
  • Collect food, warm clothing, toys, or personal care items for the needy and deliver to shelters.
  • Make holiday cards or birthday cards and notes for assisted living facilities or hospital patients.
  • Offer to take a neighbor’s pets for a walk.
  • Write letters of gratitude and encouragement for service men, women, and families.
  • Collect cans and bottles to recycle and donate the money to your Sparrow.
  • Volunteer for other local non-profit organizations that provide services to people and animals (Food banks, Humane Society, Churches, Ronald McDonald House, etc.).

The Power of Service!

Service is a powerful thing! Serving others not only helps those we serve in numerous ways, it helps us as well! Serving others can fill us with a sense of purpose, accomplishment, healthy pride, and lots of joy! Compassionate service change lives!