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We Can't Do This Without You!

Sparrow Clubs is all about compassion and community. There are many options available to financially support the Sparrow Clubs program throughout your community. Your financial partnership significantly helps our organization serve families with children in medical need while also inspiring and empowering thousands of students to look beyond themselves and respond to compassion’s call through kindness and service to others. 

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How To Partner With Us

Your Partnership makes a difference.

Partners in Compassion

Partners in Compassion are businesses and individuals who partner with Sparrow Clubs at the highest level, providing much needed general funds for all areas of the organization.

Community Club Sponsors

Community Club Sponsors help establish the Sparrow Clubs program in multiple schools throughout an entire community.


Sparrow Clubs "NestBuilders" are those who partner with us as monthly recurring givers of any dollar amount. Our faithful NestBuilders help Sparrow Clubs establish precious sustainable income over the course of time, increasing our organization's ability to serve Sparrow families and students in schools.

Event Sponsors

From dance competitions and luncheons to auctions and tournaments, Sparrow Clubs has regional events each year that raise money and awareness in fun and heartwarming ways! Event Sponsors help these events thrive!

Community Rewards Programs

Simple giving for everyone who shops in their community!