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Sparrow Clubs exist to set the stage for simple, yet heroic, acts of kindness in schools and youth culture by empowering kids to help kids in medical need.

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In 1992, six-month-old Michael Leeland desperately needed a bone marrow transplant. With no way to pay for the procedure, Michael's parents, Jeff and Kristi, didn't know where to turn.

Sparrow Clubs - Dameon

Jeff taught a class where Dameon, a big-hearted kid, was a student. After hearing his teacher's dilemma, Dameon emptied his bank account, offering to donate his entire savings - $60.

A chain reaction of giving followed.
Students and staff raised an incredible

$227,000 over four short weeks.

This ultimately allowed Michael to receive his lifesaving transplant.

Sparrow Clubs Hospital

Four years after Dameon's gift, Sparrow Clubs was born using a simple service model that ignites compassion and empathy in school children across the U.S.


New Sparrow Clubs Phone App Available

Sparrow Phone App_graphic.png
The main purpose of the app is to give students info about their Sparrow at their fingertips. Students can select their school and when they do, their Sparrow’s bio and video will be available to view from the app. Students can change their school at any time if they want to learn about other Sparrows in their community.

The app also encourages students to send a daily encouragement to their Sparrow. Students are NOT able to “free type” any message. They can choose from a list of pre-selected messages, emojis, and gifs. Sparrow parents will see the daily encouragement along with the first name and last initial only of the student that sent it.

Sparrow parents are allowed to post brief updates, along with a photo, of their Sparrow that students will see in their “Sparrow Feed.” Parents are allowed to free type these messages, but all posts are first screened by Sparrow staff for approval before appearing on the feed.

Sparrow Clubs staff can also use the app to push information and/or encouragement to student users. For example, “Have you sent your Sparrow some encouragement today? Do so now through the Sparrow Clubs App!” or “Sparrow Clubs wants to remind you today that YOU MATTER!”

Just to further clarify, this app is very safe and secure and does NOT allow for open two-way communication between students, Sparrow families, and Sparrow staff.

Special thanks to our sponsors that made this project possible - 

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We are proud to be an official KidsCents charity!



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A Sparrow Club involves a group of students or an entire school wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. Come together to serve your community in order to help a Sparrow child! A Sparrow Project begins once a school and a project sponsor are found and matched with a child.

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