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Our Mission

Sparrow Clubs changes lives by empowering kids to help kids in medical need through compassion, kindness, and sponsored community service.

compassion changes lives!

Student Impact Reflections

12th Grade
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What helping Parker has meant to me…
“Helping Parker has given me a cause to fight for. All of the COVID restrictions have really pushed into my life and caused me to get discouraged. But seeing that Parker is choosing to fight and be strong through it all shows me that there’s no reason I can’t too! He gave me a chance to step out of my comfort zone, spend time with friends doing something helpful and productive, and to look outside of myself and my own situation. Thank you Parker!”
Erika8th Grade
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What helping Kian has meant to me…
“Helping Kian really gave me a chance to connect with my community. It helped me become more empathetic and compassionate to the world around me, and get out of my bubble. So I’d like to thank Kian. This program really made me grow as a person, and strive to better the world around me.”
Ellie11th Grade
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What helping Zeke has meant to me…
“I love how helping someone can bring everyone together. People put aside their differences for one good cause. Helping Zeke and other Sparrows throughout the year brings us all together. It gives us a sense of community that we often forget over time. This purpose unifies us and helps us feel more unified as a school. I am thankful for that opportunity.”
8th Grade
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What helping Levi has meant to me…
“I really felt like I had a bigger purpose than just my life and it is really powerful to know that I have a chance to impact other lives.”
Lindsey3rd Grade
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What helping Jema meant to me…
“Helping Jema meant a lot. It taught me helping people helped me. I love to help. I really want to do it again.”
Shiloh7th Grade
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What helping Parker has meant to me…
“I have always felt useless, like I couldn’t make a difference, but when I do something like this, I feel I can actually do something to change someone’s life.”
Elliot7th Grade
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What helping Nevaeh has meant to me…
“It made me feel good. I feel like I matter.”

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Sparrow Clubs involves a group of students or an entire school wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. Come together to serve your community in order to help a Sparrow child! A Sparrow Project begins once a school and a project sponsor are found and matched with a child.