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Sparrow Clubs exist to set the stage for simple, yet heroic, acts of kindness in schools and youth culture by empowering kids to help kids in medical need.

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In 1992, six-month-old Michael Leeland desperately needed a bone marrow transplant. With no way to pay for the procedure, Michael's parents, Jeff and Kristi, didn't know where to turn.

Sparrow Clubs - Dameon

Jeff taught a class where Dameon, a big-hearted kid, was a student. After hearing his teacher's dilemma, Dameon emptied his bank account, offering to donate his entire savings - $60.

A chain reaction of giving followed.
Students and staff raised an incredible

$227,000 over four short weeks.

This ultimately allowed Michael to receive his lifesaving transplant.

Sparrow Clubs Hospital

Four years after Dameon's gift, Sparrow Clubs was born using a simple service model that ignites compassion and empathy in school children across the U.S.


Sparrow Clubs celebrates 25 years!

Sparrow Clubs is celebrating it's 25 year anniversary!  Over the past 25 years, Sparrow Clubs has assisted over 1250 families with children in medical need, and $7,000,000 has been raised by kids......for kids!  Please take a look at this video to see the impact that one ​selfless decision can make. Watch Video



Walters Family Foundation Creates New Award of Excellence Presented to Sparrow Clubs USA – Portland, Oregon

Queen Award WFF.jpegThe Walters Family Foundation was created by Glenn & Viola Walters, local nursery growers, in 1999, to continue their legacy and primary helping at-risk youth. Board members, including family members now into the third generation, are actively involved in conducting nonprofit site visits; often becoming partners with multiple nonprofit organizations within the Portland-Hillsboro metropolitan area. President Clifford Walters, MD, son of Glenn and Viola, states, “We are always looking for key organizations that are maximizing the use of the monies they receive, are clearly knowledgeable about their core values, and product they provide to the folks in need. We are especially looking for those groups who create positive change in the lives of those they serve.” Finding the Sparrow Clubs - Portland under the directorship of Ms. Laura Queen became the stimulus for the award. The award was initially titled, “The Walters Family Foundation Award for Excellence in the Art of Positive Change.” Laura Queen’s name was added to the beginning of the award because of her tireless dedication to the work of the Sparrow Clubs USA – Portland and its impact on the lives of students.The Walters Family Foundation was so impressed with the work of Laura Queen in Portland and how her leadership positively changed the lives of thousands of youth in 15 schools in 2018-19, with 20 more schools waiting to adopt a sparrow in 2020, the “Queen Award for Excellence in the Art of Positive Change” was created and presented for the first time to the Sparrow Clubs USA – Portland. Along with the new award a grant of $10,000 was given by the Walters Family Foundation to help continue the Oregon impact that the Sparrow Clubs USA – Portland chapter has demonstrated. Ms. Queen was presented the award bearing her name at a Portland fundraising luncheon, hosted at the Monarch Hotel – Clackamas, on July 17, 2019. Being completely surprised she graciously accepted the award while those in attendance gave a standing ovation, replete with many tears of gratitude. The luncheon doubled its fundraising goals that day.


We are proud to be an official KidsCents charity!



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A Sparrow Club involves a group of students or an entire school wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. Come together to serve your community in order to help a Sparrow child! A Sparrow Project begins once a school and a project sponsor are found and matched with a child.

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