Community Club Sponsorship

Sparrow Clubs is all about compassion and community. Community Club Sponsorship starts at $5000, helping to support the Sparrow Clubs program in multiple schools throughout an entire community. Your sponsorship not only provides the seed money that students earn for their Sparrow families through community service, it also helps underwrite program costs, allowing students to participate in the program at no cost to schools. Your Sponsorship money helps level the playing field, allowing ALL students to make a difference in the lives of others through service.

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Become a Community Club Sponsor

Community Club Sponsors are essential to the success of all Sparrow Projects. The business community supporting their local schools helps change the lives of kids in medical need, as well as the hundreds of children involved in each project.

Become a Community Club Sponsor where you live and empower kids to make a difference today!

Sponsorship Benefits

We often hear the phrase “return on investment” when it comes to sponsorship  of a Sparrow Project—even though most of our businesses do not donate just for that reason. It is a wonderful cause-related marketing venue and could easily be justified as an advertising expense as well as a corporate donation. Quite simply, a Sparrow Project sponsorship is great business!

Partners in Compassion

Your Sponsorship makes a difference. Thank you!

Gold Community Club Sponsors

Silver Community Club Sponsors