The Why That Moves Us

Our Mission

Sparrow Clubs changes lives by empowering kids to help kids in medical need through compassion, kindness, and sponsored community service.

Sparrow, Luke, sits in a wheel chair smiling and surrounded by friends.

It's All About Compassion

Sparrow Clubs believes that compassion is one of the mightiest forces on earth… and we all have the power to wield it. When we choose compassion, we help others, but we also help ourselves. Sparrow Clubs gives students hands-on opportunities to make real-world differences in the lives of others, which leads to positive change within themselves. One of our slogans we love to say is “Compassion Is Greater!” We believe that no matter what may come our way in life, there is always a path to choose compassion, and when we do, that choice has a way of helping us face whatever difficulties and challenges may be in front of us.

Sparrow Clubs Core Values


We believe the power of compassion is within everyone...sometimes it just needs a pathway to be released. We believe all kids benefit from having meaningful opportunities to engage in giving of themselves to others in need.


We believe kids learn best from education and life experiences that establish a foundation for successful decision-making.


We believe the quality of life within and around each community can be enriched when members, including kids, have the opportunity to give of themselves.


We believe kids can distinguish themselves with special traits and qualities when presented with opportunities to engage in selflessness, service, and caring for others.

How It Works

There are three main components to the Sparrow Clubs Program:

  • Sparrow – a local child, birth – 17 years old, with a life-threatening or life-affecting illness or condition.
  • School – a public or private school (elementary, middle, or high school) that “adopts” a Sparrow in a friendship way and chooses to rally together and complete 300 hours of community service in order to unlock sponsored funds for their Sparrow family.
  • Community Club Sponsors – local businesses or individuals who provide the “seed money” that students unlock through their community service to others. Community Club Sponsors also cover organizational expenses, making this life-changing program 100% free to schools.

Once all three components are in place, compassion takes over and thrives! Students meet their Sparrow during an all-school assembly and are challenged to make a difference in their Sparrow’s life by making the selfless choice to serve others. Every hour of community service done on behalf of their Sparrow unlocks $10 of the sponsored funds (provided by Community Club Sponsors), up to 300 hours. 

Community service is the “currency” of the Sparrow Clubs program. By keeping the emphasis on service rather than fundraising, ALL kids are empowered to make a difference regardless of socio-economic situation. EVERYONE can participate because everyone can make the choice to serve others.

Who We Are

Sparrow Clubs not only provides financial and emotional support for children and their families in medical need, but also empowers kids (elementary to college age) to help others through charitable service in their communities.

The Sparrow Clubs program teaches life lessons in compassion and selflessness through building relationships between a Sparrow family, a school student body, and our community. Sick kids get help, healthy kids become heroes, and communities experience change.

Looking down on hands with sparrow club temporary tattoos fist bumping.

Watch the Impact We Make Together

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Sparrow Clubs News & Events

The Sparrow Clubs program inspires so much good in the communities we serve. We love to share news of lives being impacted and keep our wonderful supporters up to date on events that help this program continue to make a difference.