Seven Peaks School
Cerebral Palsy with Neurodevelopmental Challenges
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Bend, OR
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Meet Sophia

Read Sophia's Story

Sophia was born prematurely, weighing only three pounds. She had to be in the hospital for a month after she was born… along with her twin sister.

Sadly, Sophia was exposed to drugs before she was born… which led to developmental issues, including impaired growth, and altered brain development. She and her sister have been with their dad since they were one year old.

Sophia was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in 2016. She had surgery on her left hip in 2019 and got MRSA during the recovery process. MRSA is a staph infection that is difficult to treat because of resistance to some antibiotics.

She was in the hospital for 4 months and then had to learn to walk again. Sophia goes to Healing Reins as part of her physical therapy. She loves her therapy horse, Sam.

Sophia is 16 years old but is like a 5-year-old intellectually.

Sophia will go to Portland in early October for an MRI of her right hip to see if surgery is necessary.

Sophia loves her two cats, Sashi and Tofu. She also likes watching anime shows.

Sophia will be adopted as a Sparrow to Seven Peaks School. Seven Peaks students will work hard to raise money for Sophia through sponsored community service.