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Meet Enzo

Read Enzo's Story

Lorenzo (Enzo) was born on December 12, 2020. He was premature, had heart murmurs, and hypoglycemia, and wasn’t feeding properly.

He spent 42 days in the NICU and when he was finally able to go home, he was on medication to keep his blood sugar up in the normal range.

He was taking this medication six times a day and had adverse side effects. Doctors reduced the medication dosage.

Enzo began eating on his own and maintaining his weight but didn’t show signs of catching up to other kids his age.

He did well for a while, started eating solid foods, met milestones, and continued to grow. He was still very small for his age, at just 3% on his growth chart.

In December 2021, Enzo got very sick. He lost interest in food and milk and began losing weight. He was a year old, wearing 6-month-old size clothing.

His parents started feeding him very high-calorie food, but he continued to lose weight.

In February 2022, Enzo had a feeding tube placed to help him get the nutrition he needed. He then began vomiting. He was hospitalized after that and then just stopped wanting to eat entirely.

Enzo got a PEG tube placed in April but continued to vomit up to six times a day. His parents started a diet of blended food pushed with a syringe through a tube to his stomach.

Since May, Enzo’s vomiting has decreased significantly. He is more interested in food now and has been doing occupational therapy to help with his food aversion. He has gained weight and learned to talk and walk. He is a medical mystery still. His parents hope to get him into a feeding clinic in Orange, California.

Enzo is very sweet and easygoing. He has been doing great developmentally. His older brother makes him happy. He also loves dogs, especially his puppy George.

Enzo will be adopted as a Sparrow to Pacific Crest Middle School. Pacific Crest students will work hard to raise money for Enzo through sponsored community service.