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Sickle Cell Syndrome
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Meet Khalycee

Read Khalycee's Story

Khalycee is a happy 20-month-old baby girl who loves to dance, look at books, and dress up so she looks cute and fancy. She especially loves her big brother, Jatayvion.

When Khalycee was 2 weeks old, her family found out she has a rare red blood cell disorder called sickle cell syndrome (SCD).

SCD is hereditary and passed down thought the genetic system in the same way people get the color of their eyes, skin, and hair.

Sickled red blood cells are stiff and sticky, and don’t move freely throughout the blood vessels. This causes her blood to lack oxygen, which in turn affects her organs, making her very weak and lethargic. It is also very painful.

This condition also makes it impossible for her body to regulate her temperature, which can become dangerous if she gets too hot or too cold.

The common cold is very dangerous for Khalycee as well. In January 2023, she was admitted to the hospital because of a fever caused by a cold virus.

Khalycee takes daily medications and visits the doctor often. There are some medical unknowns for her at this age, but doctors will continue to monitor her growth and treat her with any preventative measures.

Khalycee will be adopted as the Sparrow at Hedrick Middle School. Hedrick students will work hard to earn money for Khalycee through sponsored community service.