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Ollier’s Disease
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Meet Maryalice

Read Maryalice's Story

At 18-months-old precious little Maryalice was diagnosed with a rare disease called Ollier’s Disease. Ollier’s is so rare that it only affects 1 in 100,000 people.
nThis rare disease causes her bones to grow tumors instead of actual bones. Ollier’s disease primarily affects the long bones and cartilage of the joints in the arms and legs. Typically, most patients will experience these tumors in just the hands and feet, but in Maryalice’s case, she has tumors over 90% of her body. This makes her skeletal system incredibly weak.
nThis sweet little 3-year-old girl will be very prone to breaking bones, experiencing swollen and aching limbs, deformities, and even cancerous tumors. At even such a young age, she is already experiencing a very high level of fatigue and is finding that it is becoming difficult to walk on her own.
nSince this disease is so rare, many doctors do not have the experience or treatment needed to help this sweet child. To receive the medical care she will need, her family will be required to travel great distances, often times even across the country.
nThere is no specific treatment for Ollier’s disease. However, as growth defects and malignant transformations arise, surgeries will be required. It is also incredibly vital to her health that she receives a specific form of therapy.
nHearing a story about a precious baby girl receiving a diagnosis of this sort is a hard thing to try and understand, but even at a very young age, Maryalice has made it clear that she is a determined fighter. Her family has stated that she is not a complainer, but instead she is a loving and nurturing child. Maryalice loves singing, her family, going to church, and absolutely loves babies.
Maryalice will be adopted as a Sparrow to South Medford High School. Students at SMHS will work hard to raise money for Maryalice through sponsored community service and fundraising projects.