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Down Syndrome & Congential Heart Defect
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Medford, OR
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Meet Adi

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Adelie is a 9-month-old baby girl who loves her family, especially her big brothers. Her family calls her “Adi.”

Adi was diagnosed with Down syndrome when she was a month old. Not long after she became ill with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). RSV put her at high risk, so she was taken to the emergency room.

While at the hospital, doctors discovered Adi had a heart defect and was immediately emergency airlifted to Portland.

After one month of being in the hospital with RSV, Adi was finally able to go home.

On July 29, 2022, Adi had an 8-hour open heart surgery. Ten days later she had another surgery to install a pacemaker.

Adi has physical therapy once a week and visits with her Down syndrome team often. She is being monitored for her hearing and some swallowing complications.

Adi is the baby in her family, and she lights up their world. She is full of joy and brings laughter to those around her.

Adi will be adopted as the Sparrow to South Medford High School. SMHS students will work hard to earn money for Adi through sponsored community service.