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Chief Umtuch Middle School
Tetralogy of Fallot
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Battle Ground, WA
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Meet Robert

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Robert is a sweet and cuddly 10-month-old baby who is loved so much! Before he was even born, his parents knew there were problems with his heart. He was diagnosed with a Critical Congenital Heart Disease called Tetralogy of Fallot,

Ultrasounds showed there was a large hole and not enough growth in his pulmonary valve and there were concerns he might not tolerate delivery.

Robert came into this world fighting in March of 2022. He was also diagnosed with a blood disorder at birth. On September 22, at just six months old, he had his first open heart surgery, which took almost nine hours. It was necessary for doctors to repair the large hole between the two lower ventricles.

During surgery, they found an additional hole that needed to be repaired. After surgery, there was a small hole left behind that they could not fix. The surgery caused some lasting damage that put Robert’s heart in grade 1 heart block.

Robert must receive physical and occupational therapy to grow stronger. He may need a pacer later in life. He is a fighter, and this will be a life-long battle for him.

He must take antibiotics before any procedures to try and keep the artificial patch on his heart healthy or else he will have to get a new one. Doctors are hopeful with the advancement of science that he won’t need another open-heart surgery, but it is possible he may need another surgery later in life.

Robert will be adopted as a Sparrow to Chief Umtuch Middle School. Students will work hard to raise money for Robert through sponsored community service.