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Severe Autoimmune Pulmonary Capillaritis
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Meet Quinn

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Quinn is a happy little 4-year-old girl with a vibrant personality. You would never know by looking at her that she has faced so many medical challenges.

In January 2022 her medical journey started. She had pneumonia and numerous respiratory illnesses. The frequency and severity kept getting worse.

Quinn has been hospitalized 17 times in the last year and a half. She has had 4 surgeries at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland.

In October 2022, Quinn was back in Doernbecher’s for more tests with a pulmonary doctor.

In December 2022, Quinn was hospitalized for RSV – respiratory syncytial virus. And then again in January 2023 for pneumonia.

In February 2023, doctors did a bronchoscopy to see if there was some type of infection or something unusual causing Quinn’s constant cough and lung problems. During this procedure her airway collapsed.

Quinn had pneumonia in March and April 2023. She was coughing up blood and was taken to the Emergency Room in June. Her lungs were hemorrhaging. She was taken to Doernbecher for 15 days. She was in respiratory failure and had to be in the ICU.

In August 2023, Quinn was diagnosed with Severe Autoimmune Pulmonary Capillaritis. Only 10 children in the U.S. have this disease. She is on high-dose immune suppression, by tablet, and will need to travel to Colorado to have IV treatments in the future.

Quinn’s body is attacking her blood vessels, which can lead to hemorrhaging in her lungs.

Quinn is the youngest of 6 children and enjoys the love and attention of her brothers and sisters. She is smart and spunky and learns very quickly.

Quinn loves crafts and creating her own fairy garden. She enjoys riding her bike (now without training wheels). She loves horses, and all animals, especially ladybugs. She loves her 4 dogs: Whiskey, Jennifer, Grasshopper, and River. (3 French bulldogs and a corgi.)

Quinn will be adopted as a Sparrow to Summit High School. Summit students will work hard to raise money for Quinn through sponsored community service.