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Unbalanced translocation between his 6th (6q) chromosome and his 16th (16q) chromosome.
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Medford, OR
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Meet Zachariah

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Zach is a sweet one-year-old who was born with a rare chromosome disorder. He essentially has an unbalanced translocation between his 6th (6q) chromosome and his 16th (16q) chromosome.
nThe presence of this extra chromosome causes many medical challenges that include growth delays, low muscle tone, seizures, scoliosis, a tethered spine, sleep apnea, and excess fluid in his brain.
nWhen Zach was born he spent the first three months of his life in the NICU. His health was so poor at one point that he was sent home on hospice and his parents were told to say goodbye.
nHowever, Zach is a fighter and pulled through. Every day he proves that he is not going to allow his medical challenges to get the best of him.
nEven with being the fighter he is, Zach continues to experience chronic pneumonia and is emergency air lifted to Portland often. He can also choke (or aspirate) easily and his seizures can be life-threatening. This combination makes him very medically fragile.
nDue to his rare condition, doctors are still discovering all the areas in which Zach needs support. As of now, Zach requires a feeding tube, glasses to help with his poor vision, and seizure medication. He is also scheduled for surgery to help with his sleep apnea. The hope is to get him specialized equipment that will support his conditions.
nZach is a very happy baby and loves kisses. He is now starting to reach out to his toys (which is a huge accomplishment for him), he loves hearing nursery rhymes, and being in water. His sweet nature brings joy to everyone.
nZach will be adopted as a Sparrow to Eagle Point High School. EPHS Students will work hard to raise money for Zach through sponsored community service.