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Trisomy 13
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Eugene, OR
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Meet Lazarus

Read Lazarus's Story

Lazarus is a sweet baby boy born with a genetic condition called Trisomy 13. This is a rare genetic disorder that causes a wide range of medical problems and often isn’t compatible with life.

Lazarus was born at Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland. Full intervention to save his life was planned before he was born. Lazarus was taken to the NICU immediately after birth, given a breathing tube, and taken for his first surgery.

After a 90-day stay in the NICU, Lazarus was released to go home with support and plans to continue his intensive medical intervention. He survived open heart surgery along with two other heart surgeries and fought several infections including bacterial and viral illnesses. Unfortunately, seizures started as well.

Lazarus is a fighter; despite all his challenges, he continues to grow and develop. He loves feeling sunshine and rolling on his therapy mat and his pacifier is his favorite. He has tried bites of baby food and tasted a lollipop despite being told he would never be able to eat.

Most recently, Lazarus underwent a cleft lip repair that was successful. Trisomy 13 is a lifelong condition bringing new challenges with each stage of development. Lazarus has a team of healthcare providers helping him along with a family that loves and believes in him.

Lazarus will be adopted to Eugene Christian School. Students will work hard to earn money for Lazarus through sponsored community service.