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CRASH Syndrome
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Eugene, OR
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Meet Benjamin

Read Benjamin's Story

Benjamin was born June 25, 2008, with the odds stacked against him. Doctors warned Benjamin’s mother while she was pregnant that he could be born without a brain and with his organs on the outside of his body.

Benjamin was born a month early and was flown to a children’s hospital in Portland. He would have a long hard fight for his life, but his prognosis was better than originally expected.

Benjamin’s condition is called CRASH syndrome, it’s rare and causes many challenges such as hydrocephalus, aphasia, cystic fibrosis, and seizures. Many of these are lifelong conditions.

Medically, Benjamin has endured countless procedures. Six shunts, G-tube placement, and occupational therapy for speech and movement to name some.

Benjamin’s spirit has stayed strong inspiring those around him to be positive and brave.

Benjamin and his family are so excited to be Marist High School’s first-ever Sparrow! We know Students at Marist will work hard to earn money through sponsored community service for Benjamin and his family.