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Meet Bryson

Read Bryson's Story

Bryson was born early, at 36 weeks, and required an emergency C-section as his mom was having some complications.

Initially, Bryson needed help breathing, but after two days, Bryson was breathing on his own. He was in the NICU for ten days.

Bryson struggled to eat while in the NICU. He finally gained enough weight to go home, right before Thanksgiving.

As a baby, Bryson moved differently than other babies. He hated being swaddled and had a very strong startle response.

At five months old Bryson was still not meeting the growth milestones. He was very far behind.

At six months, Bryson was sent to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital for testing with a neurological team. A sedated MRI was done. There was no brain damage that would explain his delays.

After many more tests with the neurologist in Portland, Bryson was diagnosed with Dystonia Cerebral Palsy, just before his first birthday.

His parents are doing all they can to get him the therapy he needs to gain the skills to become as independent as possible. At two years old, Bryson is still not able to do much for himself.

Bryson was able to be part of a specialized therapy program in Los Angeles known as DMI, Dynamic Movement Intervention. It was very effective, and Bryson loved the challenge. His family will travel back to L.A. in March for more DMI therapy.

Bryson is charming, sociable, and happy, even though he faces a challenging medical journey. At this time, he is non-mobile and non-verbal… but his smile will light up any room!

Bryson will be adopted as a Sparrow to Pacific Crest Middle School. PCMS students will work hard to raise money for Bryson through sponsored community service.