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Sherwood High School
Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease
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Sherwood, OR
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Meet Lincoln

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Lincoln is a free-spirited 8-year-old with a kind heart and endless creativity. He loves playing soccer, reading, Legos, and Ninjago!

Before Lincoln was even born his parents knew his kidneys were full of cysts and he would likely need lifelong treatment. After he was born, doctors removed his right kidney because it was nonfunctional and extremely large.

At just six days old he had surgery to implant a dialysis catheter, a central venous catheter, and a feeding tube. Lincoln spent the first several weeks in the NICU at UCLA’s hospital. His parents referred to him as their “Octopus Baby” because of all the extra appendages.

Lincoln’s left kidney is slowly losing its functionality but still working at about 60%. His doctors have continued to watch it carefully with quarterly monitoring and testing. His condition is known as Stage 3 chronic kidney disease.

Eating a special diet, taking medications, and knowing he will someday need a kidney transplant do not slow Lincoln down. He is, simply put, amazing and takes everything in stride, hoping that sharing his story will help others be more empathetic too.

Lincoln’s body is always fighting to stay healthy, and this will be a lifelong journey for him. He must eat healthily and take exceptional care of his body. Lincoln will eventually need a kidney transplant which will hopefully be provided by a family member as a living donor transplant.

Lincoln will be adopted as a Sparrow to Sherwood High School. Students will work hard to raise money for Lincoln through sponsored community service.