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Meet Malakai

Read Malakai's Story

Malakai is a very sweet and social 8-month-old baby boy. He loves music, his family dogs, and being a part of the action. His parents describe him as being an easy baby who is always smiling.

Malakai was born early (at 35 weeks) with a severe medical condition called gastroschisis. Gastroschisis is a birth defect where a hole in the belly button allows the intestines to extend outside of the baby’s body.

When Malakai was 3-days old he contracted spinal meningitis and spiked a temperature of 105. He also turned dark blue and was required to be on a breathing tube for 3 days.

After having major gastroschisis surgery, Malakai spent 59 days in the Oregon Health and Science University NICU.

Malakai is also missing one kidney, he has some scar tissue that requires medical attention, and doctors are watching his weight closely.

Since Malakai was premature at birth, he will experience some growth delays. This causes problems with eating on his own, so he is being monitored for a possible g-tube installation surgery.

Despite all this, Malakai remains a cheerful and playful little boy. He has already shown how brave and strong he is.

Malakai will be adopted as the Sparrow to Hidden Valley High School. HVHS students will work hard to earn money for Malakai through sponsored community service.