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Anorectal Malformation
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Meet Sullivan

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Sullivan, also known as Sully, is a joyful 20-month-old baby boy. He loves being with his family of 9, blowing kisses, and playing with his pets. His parents describe him as a well-adjusted “old soul.”

Sullivan was born with anorectal malformation. Without corrective surgery, this condition prevents him from being able to eliminate waste. Essentially, his lower half did not develop correctly, and doctors need to medically create an opening for him.

When Sullivan was 3-days old, he had surgery to install a colostomy bag. Without this surgery, his medical condition was life-threatening.

This condition also causes Sullivan to struggle with absorbing iron. He has had several iron transfusions and visits a hematologist often.

Currently, Sullivan receives many medications, is enrolled in feeding therapy, and is scheduled for more surgeries.

Due to the struggles Sullivan has with eating food on his own, he often requires IV fluids to keep him hydrated.

Despite all this, Sullivan remains a cheerful and playful little boy. He has already shown how brave and strong he is.

Sullivan will be adopted as the Sparrow to St. Mary’s School. St. Mary’s students will work hard to earn money for Sullivan through sponsored community service.