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DiGeorge Syndrome
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Meet Wyatt

Read Wyatt's Story

Wyatt is a 1-year-old little boy who lights up the world around him. He is the firstborn to his family and has brought everyone such joy.

During the pregnancy, Wyatt’s family was told that he would be born with a condition called DiGeorge Syndrome.

This condition causes him to have congenital heart problems. Along with this, Wyatt also has vocal cord paralysis and bilateral club feet.

When he was just 5 days old, Wyatt had extensive open-heart surgery. He spent 6 weeks in a Portland hospital. Wyatt’s heart defects were so rare that doctors said it was a “one in a million” case.

Wyatt endured a tracheostomy and had surgery to install a feeding tube. He also spent 8 weeks in casts as part of the process of straightening his feet.

Wyatt has cranial nerve palsy that causes him to have limited facial movement on the left side of his face.

Wyatt has had a dramatic start and he will continue to see doctors for his entire life. With all he has been through, he continues to prove he is a fierce little warrior.

Wyatt will need to travel to Portland often for many follow-up appointments with specialists. He will continue to see doctors his entire life.

Wyatt will be adopted as a Sparrow to Scenic Middle School. Scenic Students will work hard to raise money for Wyatt through sponsored community service.