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Meet Miya

Read Miya's Story

Miya is a sweet and happy 9-year-old girl who attends Jewett Elementary. She loves Rock N Roll music, riding her bike, and school.

Miya was born with a condition called scoliosis (severe curvature of the spine).

She spent 2 years in body casting and 3 months in “Halo Traction” before she qualified for a major surgery in 2017 that installed a “MAGEC growing rod” in her back.

The MAGEC rod has been successful in helping to align her back correctly. However, it requires her family to travel to Portland often for routine lengthening procedures and surgeries.

In 2020, Miya had a second surgery to lengthen the rod. She will continue to have lengthening surgeries every couple of years until she stops growing. At that point a permanent rod will be placed.

Miya also struggles with ADHD and various sensory conditions.

Miya will battle medically her entire life, but she has chosen to remain joyful and courageous through it all.

Miya will be adopted as a Sparrow to Logos Public Charter School. Logos students will work hard to earn money for Miya through sponsored community service.