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Meet Abel

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When you meet Abel, you have no idea how his life started out and how far he has come. Abel was abandoned on the streets of China when he was only 6 weeks old. He was left wrapped in a towel with a note stating his birth date and time. He was very sick and was immediately taken to a hospital. He had pneumonia and a long list of other illnesses.
nThankfully, he was adopted by his wonderful family who flew to China to pick him up from an orphanage and bring him back home in January 2018. He was 2 ?? years old at that time. Doctors there said he might not even make it back to the United States due to his poor health’ but he made it!
nAbel was extremely mal-nourished and could not walk, even though he was over 2 years old. Within six weeks of being home with his new family, Abel was walking, and he hasn’t stopped moving since!
nAbel had cleft palate surgery in April 2018. His cleft palate team are waiting to see if he makes progress in his weekly speech therapy before deciding if he will need another cleft surgery.
nAbel’s health is stable but requires ongoing evaluation and intervention. In March he will have brain scans to try and solve the next piece of the ‘Abel puzzle’. He also needs new hearing aids and possibly little glasses. Abel is scheduled to visit the Casey Eye Institute soon. His family recently learned he will need surgery on his eyes as well.
nEven though he had a rough start, Abel is making the most of life now! He loves playing and trying to keep up with his sister (who is just 5 months older), as well as his other big sister and brother.


Abel is an extremely outgoing, happy little boy. He brings so much joy to his family. Abel is very into the ABC’s and cars/trains. He loves school buses, snack time and playing at the playground. Abel gets excited to go to Early Intervention during the week. His favorite characters are Peppa Pig and Disney’s Bluey.
nSparrow Cash raised for Abel will help with ongoing medical expenses, including the hearing aids he needs, and everyday living expenses. Students at Redmond High School will ‘earn’ Sparrow Cash by completing a minimum of 256 hours of sponsored community service.