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Meet Liam

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Liam is a loving 20-month-old who is best described as a sweet old soul. He cares so much about others. Liam loves music, Olaf, and has a crush on Princess Anna! He enjoys wood and plastic blocks, and things that spin.

When Liam’s mom was just 20 weeks along in her pregnancy, an ultrasound revealed that he had some birth defects in his heart. His parents consulted with a specialist, and they were told Liam would need three open-heart surgeries after he was born.

Liam came into the world fighting. He was born with only three chambers to his heart instead of four. This meant his red and blue blood were being mixed and multiple surgeries were needed.

He has endured three open heart surgeries since he was born to make the necessary repairs to his heart. One at five days old, four months old, and the most recent in September of 2022.

Liam almost lost his fight during the last surgery, but he is a warrior and has also endured two emergency thrombectomys removing blood clots. In addition, he must go through many weekly tests, daily medications, and is on oxygen at night. Simply put, Liam is a Miracle Baby!

As his body grows, his heart will always have to work harder than most, and a heart transplant is a possibility. He will need to travel to Stanford University to receive specialized care. His oxygen levels must be monitored, and his blood pressure will remain high. Liam will never be able to play sports. He will continue to be brave as doctors carefully decide along the way what is best.

Liam is strong and loves his big sister and Curious George. His favorite song is “You are My Sunshine”. Right now, he needs everyone’s love and support.

Liam will be adopted as a Sparrow to Parkrose High School. Students will work hard to raise money for Liam through sponsored community service.