Scenic Middle School
Hurler’s Syndrome
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Central Point, OR
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Meet Jaydn

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Jaydn is a 12-year-old girl who is in 6th grade at Scenic Middle School. She enjoys school, playing with Legos, and helping her dad in the garden. At a year old, Jaydn was diagnosed with a condition called Hurler’s Syndrome. Jaydn lacks an enzyme needed to process sugars and it has caused progressive damage to her brain, heart, and other organs. It also affects her cognitive growth. Jaydn also has a condition called hydrocephalus that causes excess fluid to build up in her brain. Jaydn has had many procedures throughout her life, including enzyme replacement therapy and a bone marrow transplant when she was 2 years old. Jaydn also had surgery to install a shunt that helps drain the excess fluid in her brain. In addition, she is preparing to have a port installed so she can have weekly enzyme infusions. Jaydn is small in stature and experiences developmental delays because of her condition. Despite all the medical challenges, Jaydn does not let any of them keep her from being happy, grateful, and enjoying life. Jaydn will be adopted as a Sparrow to Scenic Middle School. Her classmates will work hard to raise money for Jaydn through sponsored community service.