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Failure to Thrive, Difficulty Swallowing
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Meet Mason

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Mason was a normal weight at birth, but as he grew his weight gain was extremely slow.

He was unable to keep food down, due to difficulty swallowing and was not meeting growth milestones at his regular check-ups.

At his two-month appointment, Mason was diagnosed with ‘Failure to Thrive’.

Mason now receives an all-night slow feed through his G-tube. He must sleep with one of his parents, so he doesn’t pull the tube out.

Mason is very small for his age. He still only gains about 4 ounces a month. The type of formula he is on causes frequent and painful diaper rash.

Mason didn’t crawl until he was a year old. He is behind developmentally as well. He does speech therapy every week.

In March, Mason will have more testing done to figure out why he still can’t swallow normally.

Because Mason’s digestive system is so fragile, if he gets sick, he will lose weight drastically.

Mason loves to be held and is very loving to his two older brothers. At 16 months old, he is now walking and loves to explore. Mason is funny and is constantly smiling or laughing.

Mason will be adopted as a Sparrow to Caldera High School. Caldera students will work hard to raise money for Mason through sponsored community service.