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Meet Noah

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Noah is a sweet 7-year-old ready to start 1st grade! His happy and energetic personality makes others smile. He loves Lego Ninjago, especially Lloyd. He also loves riding his scooter and skateboard.

When Noah was just two and a half, his parents noticed a yellowing in his eyes and a slight fever. Being concerned, they took him to the doctor. Doctors ran tests and noticed his liver enzymes were high, but they sent him home.

A specialist found that Noah’s liver was not functioning properly, and he was hospitalized. Noah needed a liver transplant. Within a week he went from being a healthy little boy to being in critical condition. His liver was failing, and doctors fought to keep him alive while they looked for a liver donor.

Noah was on life support for three days when a liver became available. Doctors hoped the liver would be a perfect match and performed the nine and half hour transplant surgery that saved his life. He spent over 51 days in the hospital.

Noah must be monitored to be sure his new liver functions properly and his body does not begin to reject it. Even with constant medical care, Noah has been through 5 liver rejections. Also, the medication Noah must take to protect his liver causes his adrenal system to go to sleep.

His adrenal system needs constant monitoring because of long-term medication use. He must take his medication every day and be careful not to get infections that could threaten his life.

Noah will be adopted as a Sparrow to Oregon Charter Academy. Students will also work hard to love and support him and raise money for Noah through sponsored community service.