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O.E.I.S Complex Syndrome
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Meet Benjamin

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Benjamin is a 3-month-old happy and curious baby boy. His family has endearingly nicknamed him “Benji.”

Benji was born with a condition called O.E.I.S complex syndrome. This syndrome caused his large intestines and bladder to develop on the outside of his body.

He was also born with clubbed feet and spina bifida (he had a dangerous sac of fluid on the end of his tailbone).

Three days after being born, doctors took Benji in for the first 3 surgeries (many more to follow). The first surgery placed his intestines back in his body. He also had his bladder sewn back together and left outside his body to heal. The third surgery rerouted his small intestines to connect to an ostomy bag.

Benji will have more surgeries soon that will include a surgery to place his bladder back in his body. He will also have surgery on his pelvis and spine. The spine surgery will determine if he can one day walk, run, and play on his own.

Benji currently has weekly soft casts placed on his feet to help correct his clubbed feet.

Although it has been a scary first few months for this precious baby, he continues to be a happy and healthy baby in all other areas.

Benji will be adopted as a Sparrow to North Medford High School. NMHS students will work hard to earn money for Benji through sponsored community service.