Anna Grace
Logos Public Charter School
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Grants Pass, OR
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Meet Anna Grace

Read Anna Grace's Story

  • Anna Grace is a smart, creative, and talented 15-year-old student who attends Logos Public Charter School.n

  • I February of 2020, doctors discovered an aggressive form of bone cancer in her left arm.

  • Anna Grace had a port installed and immediately started 5 intense rounds of chemotherapy.

  • Doctors also scheduled a surgery that removed 9 ?? inches of bone and replaced it with an internal metal prosthesis.

  • Anna Grace received her last round of chemotherapy on October 4, 2020, and celebrated by joining the long standing traditional ‘ringing of the bell.’ This tradition marks people as ‘warriors’ of cancer.

  • However, the journey will continue. Anna Grace continues her travels to Portland to receive CT scans of her lungs and X-rays of her left arm every 3 months.

  • Anna Grace started physical therapy October 23, 2020 and will continue to regain strength and control of her left arm.
  • Anna Grace’s parents describe this young lady as determined, studious, always happy, and she loves to make people laugh. She is involved with dance, volleyball, cross country, and loves the outdoors.

  • Anna Grace will be adopted as a Sparrow to Logos Public Charter School. Logos Students will work hard to raise money for Anna Grace through sponsored community service.