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Sisters High School
Nephrotic syndrome with IgM nephropathy
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Sisters, OR
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Meet Liam

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Liam began facing some serious physical challenges in early 2019. He was tired much of the time, would fall asleep easily at any time of the day, and was dealing with high blood pressure which would cause him to pass out.
nAfter many visits to the doctor and countless tests, Liam was diagnosed in February 2019 with nephrotic syndrome with IgM nephropathy, which is a kidney disorder. It is an autoimmune disease that affects the filters of the kidneys.
nLiam’s kidneys do not work properly. He has had kidney biopsies and must be on high doses of steroids, which is hard on his body.
nBecause Liam is immune compromised, he has had to do homeschooling, even before Covid shut down schools. He has relapsed multiple times and his family has had to make many trips to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland.
nIt has been 2 years of dealing with this disease and there is no end in sight. Liam is almost 10 years old and cannot run and play and do all the physical things most kids can do.
nLiam must be on a low sodium diet and has learned to cook many things that he can eat. He really loves to cook! He also loves playing video games. Liam is very smart and loves to read. He loves math and any hands-on science projects as well. Liam loves animals and has an emotional support kitten named Sky that is a great comfort to him.
nIn spite of his own challenges, Liam has become a mentor to younger kids at the hospital when they get their blood drawn. If he sees they are scared, he is there to give them encouragement.
nSparrow Cash raised for Liam will help with ongoing medical expenses and everyday living expenses. Students at Sisters High School will ‘earn’ Sparrow Cash by completing a minimum of 256 hours of sponsored community service.