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Congenital Heart Defect
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Meet Ronan

Read Ronan's Story

Ronan is a 7-month-old little boy and is a happy baby who loves to make his family laugh and smile.

Ronan was born with a congenital heart defect. At one week old, he had surgery to install a shunt into the main valve in his heart.

Ronan will have many surgeries throughout his life to replace the valve as he grows.

After the surgery, Ronan’s right lung collapsed, and he spent 3 months in the hospital recovering.

When Ronan was 4 months old, he suffered a severe stroke that caused him to have seizures. Doctors have since been able to keep the seizures at bay with medication.

On October 4, 2022, Ronan had open heart surgery to correct major functions of his heart.

Ronan was also born missing most of his right ear and the ability to hear from it.

Ronan’s body is still trying to adjust and heal after surgery, so doctors are keeping a close watch on him.

He still has a long road ahead of him and will require many more surgeries and treatments throughout his life.

Ronan will be adopted as the Sparrow to Grants Pass High School. GPHS students will work hard to earn money for Ronan through sponsored community service.