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Meet Julian

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Julian is six years old and by looking at him you would never know all he has gone through over the past three years.

Right after his third birthday, he got very sick. His mom thought it was just a virus, but he never got better and kept losing weight. There were many doctor visits and tests done over the next few months, but no clear answers for why he was always sick and vomiting.

A family member suggested they see a specialist at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. Once there an MRI was done, and doctors found a mass in Julian’s brain that needed to be removed.

During the 14-hour surgery, Julian’s heart stopped. Once the tumor was removed, it was discovered to be malignant. Julian had an aggressive type of cancer.

During his recovery, Julian got a very high fever and was diagnosed with meningitis.

Julian and his mom stayed with family in L.A. for six months so he could receive radiation treatments. He was able to ring the bell at the end of six months, signifying that he was clear of cancer!

Julian goes to OHSU in Portland every six months for check-ups to make sure he is cancer-free.

Due to the brain tumor, Julian is developmentally delayed. It’s as though he is a three-year-old. He is currently doing speech therapy because sometimes it is hard to understand him which can make school challenging for him.

Julian is a happy and active little boy. He loves their little Yorkie dog. He enjoys going to the Trampoline Zone and Lava Lanes and being outdoors.

Julian will be adopted as a Sparrow to Seven Peaks School. Seven Peaks students will work hard to raise money for Julian through sponsored community service.