City First Christian Academy
Noonan Syndrome / Brain Stem Tumor
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Eugene, OR
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Meet Lucy

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Meet Lucy, a 12-year-old who’s facing ongoing medical challenges and doing it with a smile that can light up a room. Lucy’s all about spreading joy, especially when she’s dressing up or taking walks with her family and Elena her dog.

Lucy has many severe medical challenges, including Noonan syndrome and a brain stem tumor. She’s been through surgeries, treatments, and extended stays at the hospital. At just 5 months old, she had open-heart surgery and has had more surgeries since.

Lucy recently underwent chemotherapy to treat her brain stem tumor. She sometimes relies on a feeding tube for nutrition because the tumor has made it hard to swallow.

Lucy had a difficult time learning to walk and uses leg braces. There have been times in her life when she has relied on a wheelchair.

Lucy loves to collect American Girl Dolls and often takes them with her to the hospital and to treatments. One of her favorite memories is visiting the American Girl Doll store.

Lucy will be adopted as the first Sparrow to City First Christian Academy in Eugene OR. Students will work hard to earn money for Lucy through sponsored community service.