Tytan N.

Condition: CIC-DUX rearranged sarcoma
City, State: Bend, OR
Club: Summit High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1923
Date Adopted: 12/20/2019

Tytan's Story:

• Tytan is 11 years old and this past June (2019) he began experiencing pain in his upper left leg. His parents thought it was just growing pains. 

• They noticed a bump on his left leg that increased in size overnight. They took him to the doctor, tests were run and Tytan was diagnosed with CIC-DUX rearranged sarcoma. This is a very rare form of cancer and the doctors said they were lucky to discover it so early.

• This type of cancer is so rare that there isn’t much information on it yet or results from studies or treatments.

• Tytan is now in the middle of 15 rounds of chemo in Portland, equaling 31 weeks. Then he will need to do 5 to 7 weeks of radiation in Seattle.

• Tytan will need a drug called Neulasta after each round of chemo. It costs $2,000 each time and is not covered by insurance.

• Tytan and his family are taking one day at a time, trying to stay positive, and hoping for the best.

• Tytan is an inspiration and fun to be around. He is a leader among his friends and is outgoing and confident. He loves basketball and computer games. He also loves to play pranks on his little sister!

• Tytan will be adopted as a Sparrow to Summit High School. Summit students will have the opportunity to work hard
to raise money for Tytan’s ongoing treatment, medications, and travel through sponsored community service.


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