Ty & Ryker C.

Condition: Complications from PreMature Birth/Heart Abnormalities
City, State: Eagle Point, OR
Club: Eagle Point High School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 12/05/2014

Ty & Ryker's Story:

Ty's Story:

At only 26 weeks along, little Ty was welcomed into the world by his adoring parents. But arriving so early meant problems: his lungs and other organs would be severely underdeveloped. For the next eight and a half months, Ty underwent hernia repair, g-tube implant, PDA clamp, eye surgery, a tracheostomy tube as well as six other invasive surgeries before finally being released to go home on oxygen. However, his problems were far from over. Ty suffers from hydrocephalus chiari malformation (hydrocephalus is excess spinal fluid around the brain and chiari is an abnormality that affects the lower part of the brain, called the cerebellum) and had a shunt placed in his head to help alleviate some of the pressure.

Six years and five surgeries later, Ty is still struggling. Ty has autism and suffers from cognitive, gross and fine motor delays, as well as speech disorder, anxiety, and seizures.

Ty’s family travels often to OHSU in Portland for testing and at home Ty has speech and physical therapy.

Although Ty’s life has been a difficult one, he is full of happiness and love. He enjoys playing with his younger sister, brother, and of course, his dog.

Ty will be adopted (along with his brother Ryker) as a Sparrow to Eagle Point High School. Students will work hard to raise money for Ty through sponsored community service and fundraising projects

Ryker's Story:
When Katie was only 19 weeks along in her pregnancy, she had an ultrasound done on little Ryker and it showed something devastating.

Ryker had major heart abnormalities, but it wasn’t until he was born that they knew just how bad it was. Ryker was diagnosed with Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the Great Arteries (CCTGA) and a hole in his heart. This meant his heart twisted abnormally during fetal development and the ventricles are reversed. His heart is also on the other side of his chest. When baby Ryker was only two months old he had his first surgery. They placed a band around his pulmonary artery and then monitored Ryker very closely in Portland every three months. This June Ryker had major open-heart surgery that was considered to be five surgeries in one. He was recovering in the hospital for almost two weeks.

Now Ryker takes two medications a day and takes frequent trips to OHSU in Portland and a clinic in Eugene. In a few months Ryker will be tested to see if he has junctional rhythm (abnormal heartbeat). If he does, he may need a pacemaker. Because of Ryker’s heart condition, he will need more surgeries as he gets older.

Despite all Ryker has been through, he is a fighter (while recovering from his last surgery they called him baby Hulk!!) He loves WWF, basketball, baseball, and hunting, but most importantly, he loves pretending to be a superhero while wearing his super hero cape!

Ryker will be adopted (along with his brother Ty) as a Sparrow to Eagle Point High School. Students will work hard to raise money for Ryker through sponsored community service and fundraising projects.


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