Tristan L.

Condition: Craniosynostosis, Cerebral Palsy, Seizure Disorder
City, State: Bellevue, WA
Club: East Lake High School Newport Heights Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 10/18/2012

Tristan's Story:
Tristan was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis after his 2nd well baby visit. The doctors noticed his head circumference was not growing. After more than a year of test, doctors concluded that Tristan had had a stroke in utero at 36 weeks. The stroke compromised a great deal of Tristan’s frontal lobe. As a result of the stroke, Tristan has cerebral palsy and seizure disorder.

Tristan’s road has been difficult. He receives feeding therapy and physical therapy weekly. Tristan’s therapists are exceptional and treat Tristan with so much love he enjoys going to therapy.

The single most important thing that helps Tristan deal with his disability is patience. There are times when he struggles to do something, and just being there for Tristan and having unlimited patience and love makes him much more at ease and happy. The most frustrating thing for Tristan is when his body won’t respond what he wants - like when he tries to walk or press the button on his tray for a response.

Tristan enjoys being around people. He is extremely social and loves attention. He loves to ride his bike at Valley Medical Center in their playground and he enjoys playing ball with his sister. He also loves to walk in his Rifton Pacer to Lady Gaga.

Tristan loves to go to school. His favorite activities are singing during music and reading during library time.

Even though he faces many challenges, Tristan had made great progress in several areas. He can move his hands much more that he used to. He can put his fingers in his mouth and he can push his glasses off. Before his surgery on July 23, Tristan walked 50 feet in his Rifton Pacer at school. Tristan can move his head more now to look at people. He is able to stay awake much longer now. He now goes to school full day instead of half day.

Tristan’s family is very grateful for the help they will receive from the students at Newport Heights School and Eastlake High School.


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Club is School Sponsored Club is School Sponsored