Tori G

Condition: Apraxia of Speech
City, State: Bend, OR
Club: Obsidian Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 2/28/2014

Tori's Story:

Tori was about two years old when her parents noticed that she wasn’t talking like other toddlers her age. Doctors assured them that Tori was just a late bloomer and that her speech would eventually come.

At age 3, after evaluations at the Alyce Hatch Center, it was determined that Tori had a condition called Apraxia of Speech. This is a motor speech disorder that causes delays in speaking. Tori knows what she wants to say but she cannot get it to come out. Currently she is speaking like a 2 ½ year-old instead of a 5 year old.

Tori is attending classes at the Alyce Hatch Center and is undergoing speech therapy, learning sign language to help her speak, and has an iPad with a communication program. Recently doctors have become concerned with her hand/eye coordination and she will be going to OHSU for further evaluations. Because she still has her “baby” reflexes, she is currently receiving physical therapy to help her get on track for a child her age.

Tori loves horses and spends time at Healing Reins. She also loves to be outside and enjoys spending time with her Barbies.

Sparrow Cash raised for Tori will help to pay for continued speech, physical and occupational therapies as well as further testing at OHSU.


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