Titus F.

Condition: Brain Tumor with Hydrocephalus
City, State: Bend, OR
Club: Miller Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 11/03/2015

Titus's Story:

Titus has had a whirlwind of a past year. It all started in February of 2015 when he was having some issues with his teacher - and his parents, Jasmin and Daniel, were asked to come in for a conference. She voiced some concerns about Titus’ behavior and recommended that he visit a pediatrician. Titus had been having some balance issues and had some very painful headaches. After visiting 5 specialists and doing multiple therapies, Titus was scheduled to have an MRI, but in the meantime an EEG was performed. On March 31st, 2015, doctors found a tumor on Titus’ brain stem that was blocking spinal fluid from passing causing hydrocephalus.

Titus’ doctors said they had to leave within the hour to drive to a Portland hospital that night. Jasmin put Titus in their car and they drove through a blizzard to get to Portland. When Titus got to the hospital, he was immediately admitted. Titus had major brain surgery on April 2nd, 2015 to create a new channel for spinal fluid to flow to relieve some of the pressure in Titus’ head. Titus had enough pressure in his head to fill a car tire - in fact there was 36lbs of pressure in his head caused by the hydrocephalus.

Titus persevered through surgery like a champion. He came out stable, but the amount of pressure that was in his head left Titus with brain trauma and some fine motor skill set backs. He had to relearn how to do a lot of the stuff we do on a day to day basis, like tying his shoes.
Now, Titus is continually working on getting stronger. He has continued physical and occupational therapies to help his fine motor skills.

Although Titus has a long road ahead of him that could include chemotherapy, he continues to make others around him laugh with his comedy. He enjoys playing Minecraft and Mario and can do the “Whip and Nae Nae” like a pro!

Titus will be adopted as a Sparrow to Miller Elementary School in Bend. Students will work hard to raise money for Titus through sponsored community service and fundraising projects thanks to the project sponsor, Tetherow.


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