Tiffany L.

Condition: Medulla Blastoma
City, State: Kirkland, WA
Club: Peter Kirk Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 12/02/2015

Tiffany's Story:

Tiffany is a beautiful, seven year old girl. Tiffany loves playing with her sisters and friends, singing in the church choir, dancing, soccer, horseback riding, swimming and watching her favorite shows on the Disney Chanel. Tiffany is kind hearted and always thinks of others.
In January of 2015, Tiffany complained of hearing strange noises in her ear. She heard noises like wind “swishing”, a car motor, a zipper moving up and down and even a roaring sound. After a few doctor visits, Tiffany had an MRI that detected a 4cm round tumor in her brain, resting on her brainstem. She was admitted to the ICU at Seattle Childrens Hospital and had a 10 hour long emergency brain surgery on January 23. The surgery was successful thanks to her amazing surgeon, and all of the tumor was removed. Unfortunately, the tumor biopsy diagnosis came back showing that the tumor was a cancerous Medulla Blastoma tumor that would require 15 months of intense radiation and chemo treatment.
The treatment has caused severe side effects. Tiffany has been hospitalized for months at time, off and on since February. She suffers from extreme nausea, neuropathy of the nerves in her arms, hands and legs as well as memory and hearing loss. Tiffany requires anti nausea medicines every three hours/ 24 hours a day. She also needs a feeding tube for supplementing her fluid and calorie requirements and medicine administration. She has an MRI every three months to monitor the health of her brain and to detect if there is any regrowth of the tumor. Tiffany’s treatment requires physical therapy, hypo therapy, occupational therapy and tutoring. Music therapy and singing have also really helped Tiffany cope during the difficult times.
When someone in the family has cancer, the whole family has cancer. Due to the intense care Tiffany has needed this year, Tiffany’s mom has quit her job to stay home to care for Tiffany full time. Her Dad juggles business, childcare and helping around the house to make ends meet. The entire family has pulled together to help. Friends and extended family have also supported Tiffany and her family so much this year. It is because of this love that Tiffany has made it through this difficult time. With five more months of treatment left, Tiffany and her family look forward to what will hopefully be the end of a long and difficult treatment. April will be the end of her treatment, but will just be the beginning of Tiffany’s journey. She hopes to be a singer when she grows up and help many other children like her survive their cancer.
Peter Kirk Elementary School staff and students in Lake Washington School District are thrilled to adopt and support Tiffany as their Sparrow this year--especially because they are her classmates.We thank our very gracious sponsors, the McDonald and Bryant families, who have made this project possible!


McDonald & Bryant Families
McDonald & Bryant Families McDonald & Bryant Families