Stryder D.

Condition: Dysautonomia
City, State: Bend, OR
Club: Sky View Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 1/31/2020

Stryder's Story:

• Stryder has a long and complicated list of medical issues he has dealt with his whole life. That list consists of multiple genetic abnormalities.

• He has a diagnosed connective tissue disorder, history of Chiari Malformation and Cranial Cervical Instability requiring surgical intervention, and a complicated cardiac condition.

• Stryder also has Landau-Kleffner Syndrome/intractable epilepsy and has constant seizures. He has dealt with developmental delays and currently deals with attention concentration and conceptual learning.

• Stryder has a service dog named Keebler. Keebler alerts Stryder’s mom so she is able to tell when the frequency of his seizures increases. Keebler is a great comfort to Stryder.

• Stryder’s condition makes his body produce faulty collagen, the glue that holds your body together, which also includes the brain.

• Stryder has a kink in his brain stem. This condition is very dangerous and, in his case, is caused by his faulty collagen.

• Stryder has Cranial Cervical Instability and several bulging discs. He had a decompression surgery to help his Chiari and a fusion from skull to C3. He wears a neck brace to prevent further damage.

• Stryder has seen numerous specialists all over the United States in search of answers on how to treat his many medical conditions.

• Stryder’s biggest battle now is with Dysautonomia, which refers to a wide range of conditions that affect the autonomic nervous system. Symptoms include fainting, cardiovascular issues, and breathing problems. His blood pressure and oxygen levels can be very extreme. Thankfully, Stryder doesn't feel the highs or the lows.

• Stryder is a typical 12-year-old boy, in spite of all his challenges. He likes video games and playing wheelchair basketball when he can. He enjoys being outdoors. He really likes cuddling with his dog Keebler, which makes him very happy.

• Stryder will be adopted as a Sparrow to Sky View Middle School. Sky View students will have the opportunity to work hard to raise money for Stryder’s ongoing treatment, medications, and travel through sponsored community service.


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