Condition: Type B Burkits Lymphoma
City, State: OR
Club: Sisters High School Sisters Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1139
Date Adopted: 2/08/2010

Seth's Story:
(4/1/10) Seth is a tenth grade student at Sisters High School. He became quite ill at the beginning of January 2010. He ended up having surgery on his intestines due to a rare condition in his digestive system, where the intestine was collapsing in upon itself. Upon recovery from this surgery, it was discovered that he had swollen lymph nodes. Seth was then diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, called Burritt's Lymphoma. He is undergoing rigorous chemotherapy treatment and suffering from various side-effects and infections. Prior to his illness, Seth was really into restoring his 1976 Chevy Nova. Seth is a kind and considerate person who was taken by surprise with this sudden change in his health. He is a stable young man who helps others, works hard in school and is a true friend to many students at our school. The students and staff are shaken by the news of Seth and we are searching for ways to extend our love and support to him and his family. Because Seth lives in Sisters, Oregon and he has to travel to Portland for treatments, this is hitting him and his family in a pretty significant way. Traveling a 300 mile round trip, while suffering uncomfortable side affects makes getting treatments quite an ordeal, not to mention the financial strain that it is causing the family.


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