Condition: Cerebral Palsy
City, State: OR
Club: Mountain View High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1006
Date Adopted: 9/28/2010

Sara's Story:
(12.01.10) Sara is a beautiful little girl of two years old with an amazing smile and a loving personality. She loves to listen to music, anything animated and spending time outside with her family. But her favorite times are spent with her sister, September (10) and brother, Luke (4). When Sara was about 9 months old, she all of a sudden stopped eating and hadn't yet learned to sit up. Her parents called the doctor who recognized that there was a problem. The family met with a therapist who found that Sara was doing the things a 3 month old should be doing, not a 9 month old. From there, Sara met with a neurologist in an attempt to figure out what was causing these problems with Sara. They spent months with several different doctors trying to unravel the mystery. Some were positive and others were negative, none really giving the family any specific diagnosis nor any information on what has caused Sara's illness. What they do know is that she has gross motor skill delay, developmental delays, and extreme muscle weakness caused by the only official part of the diagnosis, Cerebral Palsy. Sara also had a feeding tube put in to help her get the nutrition she needs. She eats tiny bits now but still gets most of her food through her feeding tube. At this point, Sara will have no further testing done. Through the help of her parents and Healing Reins, Sara is improving. She makes little strides each day. She also does some speech, occupational, and physical therapy in order to help with the many delays that she experiences. Sparrow cash raised will help the family to continue to pay for all the therapy that Sara needs to continue to grow and improve each day.


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