Salvador PL

Condition: Ligament and muscle issues stemming from Clubfoot
City, State: Medford, OR
Club: Oak Grove Elementary Sparrow Club Service Hours: 417
Date Adopted: 3/15/2017

Salvador's Story:

Salvador came into this world on December 6, 2005, and the very next day was taken into what would be the first surgery of many. His foot was in an abnormal position, due to ligaments and tendons being too tight, causing him to have a condition called clubfoot.

It is extremely important for doctors to diagnose and treat clubfoot as soon after birth as possible. Early treatment for Salvador meant he was less likely to have extreme issues in the future.

After the first surgery, Salvador was placed in a cast for about three months. The cast was replaced several times to allow growth and proper healing for a baby, until eventually he was able to be placed into a brace.

As Salvador grew into an older child, new discoveries were made. His clubfoot had affected his calf muscles, his knee cap, shin bones, and hip. Because his ligaments and tendons were so tight, Salvador had seven different types of surgeries to stretch and lengthen various muscles throughout his leg.

Now, Salvador routinely receives a therapy called prolotherapy. This is a series of injections to create growth of normal cells that produce new tendons, ligaments, and even cartilage. This has proven to be a vital treatment for him, due to the fact that his knee cap and shin bones did not develop correctly (he is even missing part of his knee cap). This therapy has also proven to help alleviate some of his pain associated with ligament damage.

This now 11-year-old boy is able to move around with the assistance of ankle braces, a special pair of shoes, and a walker. He still suffers with pain and is required to attend regular therapy for correct growth and mobility in his leg

Salvador is a smart, happy, sweet 5th grader. He loves Spider-Man, his dog Snoopy, his friends and family, and lip singing. He has a great big charming smile and is incredibly tender hearted. He doesn’t allow his condition to hinder him from enjoying life and being kind to others.

Salvador will be adopted as a Sparrow to Oak Grove Elementary School. Students at Oak Grove will work hard to raise money for Salvador through sponsored community service and fundraising projects.


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