Quincy W.

Condition: Esophageal Atresia
City, State: Pendleton, IN
Club: Willliam McKinley School #39 Sparrow Club Service Hours: 226
Date Adopted: 9/09/2016

Quincy's Story:

Quincy was born in April, 5 weeks early. He was born with a congenital birth defect called esophageal atresia. He was born unable to swallow. His esophagus had a 3 cm gap between the end of the tube from his mouth and his stomach. He had a suction in his mouth to help with his secretions called a replogle and a G tube in his stomach to feed him his formula.

The family did some research on his diagnosis and found a hospital in Boston Massachusetts - the only hospital in the world that specializes in his condition. ​They advocated for him and asked ​the doctors to please allow him to go to Boston for his surgery repair. It took time a lot of paperwork and patience, but he was able to go to Boston in July. He had his esophagus repaired July 8, 2016 at the Children's Hospital in Boston. He spent almost the entire first four months of his life in the hospital in intensive care. Quincy has been home for almost 2 weeks and ​he has had to learn how to drink his formula with a bottle. He has follow-up appointments every four weeks in Boston. Quincy goes to Boston for a procedure called an EGD where they go down his throat with a camera to look and see if the ends they sewed together still look okay and food can pass without causing him to choke.

He is growing and getting big. He should be able to eat normal and eventually have the feeding tube in his stomach removed someday.


Mel and Sabrina Robbins
Mel and Sabrina Robbins Mel and Sabrina Robbins