Parker G.

City, State: Bend, OR
Club: Mountain View High School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 2/17/2012

Parker's Story:
Parker is an intelligent 13 year old boy with of love of WW2 history, trains, and making up stories.  He spends his days playing video games and enjoys soccer and skiing as well.  Unfortunately, Parker has not been able to enjoy some of these things for quite a while as he has an illness that has kept him at home now for several months.
Parker has always had chronic sinus infections but last year he developed one with a bad cough that they couldn’t figure out.  By the end of the school year, he became really sick again.  Doctors did a CT scan and determined that he suffered from Chronic Sinusitis.  They scheduled surgery to help correct the problem.  About a month before the surgery, he began to urinate blood.  Because he had just had a CT scan, he had to wait before having another one to see if he had a kidney stone, but doctors did order blood tests to try to determine the problem.  They noticed at that time that his liver enzymes were high.
He underwent sinus surgery at the beginning of August.  Two weeks later, doctors were able to determine that he had a kidney stone and he had surgery to remove it.  He returned to the doctor 10 days later for a check up.  At each visit, blood tests were done, and each time his liver enzymes were to found to be even higher.
Parkers parents, Annette and John, as well as doctors, decided that they needed to follow up on the blood test results.  An MRI was ordered to take a closer look.  He then underwent a liver biopsy and on November 3rd, they received the official diagnosis, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.  This is a disease that causes scarring of the tubes of the liver, eventually causing cirrhosis.  It is also the reason that Parker suffered from the previous conditions.
The family was sent to Stanford to meet with a specialist.  Parker has been placed in an investigational study in an attempt to slow down the disease and possibly help others who may develop this condition.  He will be part of this study for two years.  After the first three months they will know whether or not the treatment is helping.  There is no cure for Cholangitis.  It is possible that a liver transplant may be needed in the future if the treatment does not work.
Parker is isolated at home and unable to go to school or see his friends.  He needs to have his body completely healthy before starting the study.  He is scheduled to begin with preliminary tests at the end of January and his medication at the end of February.  
Sparrow Cash raised for Parker will help to pay for ongoing medical expenses, prescriptions and transportation costs while Parker is receiving his treatment.


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