Orick W.

Condition: Pulmonary Hypertension
City, State: Eagle Point, OR
Club: Cascade Christian High School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 10/22/2015

Orick's Story:

Orick is a sweet, thoughtful, and outgoing 11-year-old boy, who has struggled with a myriad of health issues his entire life. Born at just 26 weeks, he was considered a “micro-preemie,” weighing only 1 lb. 2oz. By the age of three, Orick had endured three stomach surgeries, six eye surgeries, and one heart surgery. At age four, Orick was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which affects his coordination and results in low muscle tone and overall weakness throughout his body.

Over the years, Orick has had many ups, but also many downs, with this past year being one of the most difficult years yet. Orick was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, a life-threatening condition involving the heart’s inability to properly pump blood, resulting in extremely high blood pressure and other harmful things. Orick just started his third treatment plan (involving I-V medication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) after the first two treatments failed. Because of his pulmonary hypertension, as well as lung disease, Orick is on oxygen at all times, but is able to take short breaks from it from time to time.

Orick has also struggled with glaucoma and in January 2015, it became so severe that he had to have his eye removed and replaced with a prosthetic. Orick’s life is filled with medical appointments. In the summer of 2015 alone, Orick traveled to Portland and Eugene for medical appointments more than a dozen times.

Orick’s medical condition forces him and his family to life day by day. However, Orick has a strong faith and has deep love for people and for life. He enjoys playing video games (especially Minecraft) and loves spending quality time with family and friends. Orick’s sweet and gentle spirit bring a sense of peace to those who are fortunate to know him.

Orick will be adopted as a Sparrow to Cascade Christian High School in Medford. Cascade students will work hard to make a difference in Orick’s life through sponsored community service and fundraising projects.


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