OIiver T.

Condition: Infantile Epileptic Encephalopathy
City, State: Grants Pass, OR
Club: North Valley High School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 12/19/2014

OIiver's Story:

When Jazmin was pregnant with little Oliver, they lost his heartbeat multiple times but doctors didn’t know why. When Oliver finally greeted his eagerly awaiting parents, he had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. When it was removed and he was finally placed on his mother’s chest, he opened his eyes, but never made a sound. Over the next few days Oliver’s parents noticed he would frequently stop breathing and he was sleeping more than normal and was hard to wake. When Oliver was only a week old he was admitted into the ICU, where he endured a plethora of tests and saw numerous doctors and specialists.

On October 5th, little Oliver was flown to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland for more tests with doctors, neurologists, physical therapists, and more.

Now at 3 months old, Oliver has been diagnosed with infantile epileptic encephalopathy, which is epilepsy caused by brain damage, which probably occurred in the womb. He has been having more seizures lately and the amount of his daily medication has been tripled.

Although Oliver is struggling, and although there are still many unanswered questions, his family is not giving up hope. In spite of his struggles, Oliver is a happy and smiley baby, whose life is filled with love from so many.

Oliver will be adopted as a Sparrow to North Valley High School in Grants Pass. Students will work hard to raise money for Oliver through sponsored community service and fundraising projects.


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