Noelle "Ellie" D.

Condition: Heart Defect
City, State: Sherwood, OR
Club: Tigard High School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 11/21/2019

Noelle "Ellie"'s Story:

• Ellie is a delightful 11-year-old whose spunk and sense of humor are sure to make people smile. She loves cheetahs, baking and writing stories.

• When Ellie was born doctors discovered she had a heart defect called tricuspid atresia, with transposition of the great arteries. At just two weeks old, she had her first of many open-heart surgeries to allow her heart to pump blood throughout her body and to help her get enough oxygen.

• She had her second heart surgery when she was four months old and another when she was three and a half.

• In the spring of 2018, while doctors were performing Ellie’s 4th open-heart surgery, her heart stopped twice, blocking the flow of oxygen to her brain. This left her with severe brain damage. When she woke up, she had the lost the ability to speak, walk, eat and do many other things she could do before the surgery.

• This time, Ellie had to be in the hospital for over two months while she went through intensive therapy to learn to talk, walk and eat again. She still does therapy many days a week to help her recover from the brain damage. As her body grows, doctors will need to monitor her heart and perform more surgeries or procedures to keep her heart working the best it can.

• Despite all of this, Ellie continues to make people laugh. She is a true warrior who continues to be positive and work hard to gain as many of her skills back as possible. Ellie loves Hershey’s Chocolate, Nutella and the color purple.

• Ellie will be adopted as a Sparrow to Tigard High School. Students will work hard to not only love and support her but raise money for Ellie through sponsored community service for additional therapy, medical and daily expenses.


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